Bilingual Book in Polish and English: Frog - Żaba. Learn Polish Series - Colin Hann

Bilingual Book in Polish and English: Frog - Żaba. Learn Polish Series

By Colin Hann

  • Release Date: 2013-05-21
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


This illustrated story has been designed for bilingual children and others wishing to read a parallel text in English and Polish. For ease of understanding, the languages are displayed together just one or two sentences at a time.
The aim was to make translation as direct as possible but always using everyday language of native speakers.
Basil, Rosemary and the Pansy sisters are lively, chatty little plants. They think they know some stuff, but when it comes to this animal, they know nothing. One wild assumption leads to another and gets them into big trouble.
The Pansy sisters lived in a blue flowerpot next to the village pond. They shared the pot with Basil, Rosemary and Frog.
Siostry Bratki żyły w niebieskiej doniczce obok wiejskiego stawu. Razem z nimi mieszkali Bazylia, Rozmaryn i Żaba.
At this moment, they were chatting in a lively manner about all the new happenings in the village. The Pansy sisters especially, liked a good gossip it helped to pass the time.
W tej chwili rozmawiali oni o wszystkich nowych wydarzeniach w wiosce. Szczególnie siostry Bratki bardzo lubiły sobie poplotkować, co pozwalało im przyjemnie spędzić czas.
This week’s favourite subject had been Frog. Frog was different. Frog was an animal.
W tym tygodniu ulubionym tematem rozmowy była Żaba. Żaba była inna. Żaba była zwierzęciem.

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